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Throttle twist grip. On right handlebar. Twist inwards to open. When fully closed engine should just idle when hot. Air lever. Small lever on right handlebar. Pull inwards to increase air supply to carburetter. Once set, when engine has warmed up, requires no alteration for different road speeds. Should be fully closed when starting engine from cold. Ignition lever. Small lever on left handlebar. Advances and retards ignition point. Pull inwards to advance on touring models (retard on competition models). Retard two-fifths of total movement for starting. Valve lifter lever. Small lever close to clutch lever. Lifts exhaust valve from seat, releasing compression in combustion chamber, enabling engine to be easily rotated for starting. Also used for stopping engine if throttle stop is set as advised above. Clutch lever. Large lever on left handlebar. Grip to release clutch so that drive to rear wheel is disconnected. Used when moving away from a standstill and when changing gear. Front brake lever. Large lever on right handlebar. Grip to operate front wheel brake and, for normal braking, use in conjunction with rear brake application. Rear brake lever. Pedal close to left side foot rest. Depress with left foot to apply rear brake. Apply gently and use increasing pressure as the road speed decreases. Gear change lever. Pedal in horizontal position close to right foot rest. Con­ trols selection of the four speeds, or ratios, between engine and rear wheel revolutions, with a ” free,” or neutral, position. See illustration 3. Kick-starter lever. Vertical pedal on right hand side of gear box. Operated to start the engine. Lighting switch. In top of head lamp. Controls lamps by a rotating lever which has three positions : (1) “OFF” Lamps not on. (2) ” L ” Pilot bulb in head lamp and rear lamp and speedometer lamp on. (3) ” H ” Head and rear lamp and speedometer lamp on. Ammeter. In top of head lamp. Indicates flow of electric current, in, or out, of battery. (” Charge ” or ” Discharge.”) Horn switch. Press switch on right handlebar. Depress button to sound horn. Gear box filler cap. Located on top edge of kick-starter case cover. Allows insertion of lubricant and access to clutch inner wire. Footrest for rider. One located each side of machine. Petrol tank filler cap. Located in top of fuel tank. To release, slightly depress, turn fully to the left, and then lift away. There are two locking positions. The middle position, between the fully tightened down and ” lift away ” positions, is in the nature of a ” safety ” device to prevent loss that might be occasioned by unauthorised meddling. Oil tank filler cap. Located on top edge of oil tank. The construction and operation is exactly as the petrol tank filler cap. Dipping switch. Trigger switch on left handlebar. Used to select normal or ” dipped ” beam of head lamp when main lighting switch lever is in the ” H ” position. (The head lamp bulb has two filaments.

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