1999 – 2005 Aprilia Falco SL 1000 Scottoiler Installation Guide


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Locate the vacuum – There is a rubber bung over a spigot on the inlet tract. Remove this bung and then press the Damper Elbow, part number 4, onto the spigot. For further information see our easy step installation guide – Vacuum Connectors, General . See third picture The RMV can be mounted under the seat. The more vertical the RMV the better and remember to avoid exhaust and engine components. For further information, see our easy step installation guide – RMV Positions, General. See picture bottom left The Dispenser Assembly can be routed along the Swingarm using Dispenser Mounting Sleeves & Glue and secured to the paddock stand bobbin mount using a cut down Dispenser Plate & Clip, parts 19 & 20. For further information see our easy step installation guide – Dispenser Assemblies, General . The nib should feed the rear sprocket between the 6 & 7 o’clock positions, with the cut face facing outwards. Note: Picture shows a similar Swingarm Once fitted, fill and prime the system and set the adjuster knob to ‘prime’. Start the engine and turn the adjuster knob until a flow of between 1 and 2 drops per minute is achieved. Check the condition of your chain after a ride, and then adjust as required

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