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Measurements of the Akrapovic EVOLUTION street legal system on the APRILIA RSV MILLE (with muffler insert): Power & Torque: the Akrapovic exhaust system increase the responsiveness of the Aprilia and fill out the power and torque curves. The increase in power and torque starts already at around 3000 rpm and leads all the way to the top of the rpm range. At 10300 rpm we measured a massive 129.1 HP on rear wheel and max. increase of power 9.4 HP at 10550 rpm. CONFIGURATION The Racing and Evolution systems differ only in the selection of tubing materials. The Racing is made of stainless steel, and the Evolution is made of titanium. Both systems have conical tubes, collectors, and a link pipe. All of the system components are attached with sleeve joints secured with silicon-shielded springs. The header tubes come with interference crossover tubes, and the systems also include a fitting for attaching a lambda sensor. The HEXAGONAL muffler is definitely the most eye- catching element of the system. It is made of a titanium inlet cap and perforated inner sleeve, while the outlet cap is made of carbon fiber. The outer sleeve is available in titanium or carbon fiber. The muffler is attached to the frame using an Akrapovic carbon fiber clamp. PERFORMANCE stock AKRAPOVIC max. increased power max. rear wheel power HP / rpm (measured on Dynojet ATV) 122.1 / 9740 129.1 / 10300 9.4 / 10550 interference crossover tubes YES (in collector) lambda sensor YES header tube inner sleeves – header tube flanges S.S LASER CUT header tubes – collector connection SLEEVE JOINT + SILICON SHIELDED SPRINGS collector / header tube – link pipe connection SLEEVE JOINT + SILICON SHIELDED SPRINGS link pipe – muffler connection SLEEVE JOINT + SILICON SHIELDED SPRINGS muffler inlet cap /outlet cap Ti / Carb.-fiber muffler metal interior TITANIUM muffler outer sleeve Ti / Carb.-fiber muffler clamp CARBON-FIBER muffler bracket Carb.-fiber (OPTIONAL) muffler insert EU YES heat shield YES (stock) US – catalytic converter YES (2x) CONFIGURA- TION CONFIGURATION header tubes collector link pipe material S.S. (begining) S.S. / TI (header tube) S.S. / TI STAINLESS STEEL / TITANIUM tube shape CONICAL CONICAL CONICAL Technical specifications of Akrapovic exhaust systems and related products subject to change without notice. ADDITIONAL DATA weight comparison (kg) stock AKRAPOVIC difference 12.57 S.S. link pipe TITANIUM link pipe stock – S.S. stock – titanium – 5.52

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