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STEP #1 Remove the left side panel & seat. STEP #2 Mount the socket. STEP #3 Route wires starting at the battery and finishing at the bracket. STEP #4 Attach the wires to the socket and test. STEP #5 Look over your work. STEP #6 Put everything you took off back on. Detailed Instruction: STEP #1 – Remove the seat & the left side fairing. See the Aprilia service manual. STEP #2 – Drill a 18mm hole into the panel (11/16″ hole saw recommended and is available on our site) where shown [A]. There is plenty of room for the knee of a tall rider. An alternate position is show at [E]. There is no need to completely remove the front fairing, just unscrew the bolt under the left handgrip; the panel will flex enough to work behind it. Watch the clearance behind the panel; make sure the socket has room. Attach the socket to the panel; use a dab of Silicone on the socket and jam nut after assembly. Important: Do NOT use Loctite or over-tighten. STEP #3 – Disconnect the battery ground & positive connections. Install the fuse in the fuse-holder. Mount the fuse-holder to the round cross tube [B]. Route the harness up on the inside of the frame piggyback with the seat release cable. The harness can be inserted in the same clip that the seat- release cable uses [F]. Use wire ties to secure it from touching the engine. Connect the red wire to the positive battery posts [C]. The red rubber boot may need to be notched to allow the wire to exit. Connect the ground connection under bolt [D]. Run the black wire along the inside of the frame rail, then pass under the frame rail near the attachment point. STEP #4 -The center terminal is plus and the outer ring is negative (see dwg below). Apply either dielectric grease or Vaseline to terminals. Connect the red wire to the POSITIVE terminal and the black wire to the NEGATIVE terminal. Use a voltmeter to check if the polarity is correct

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