APRILIA PEGASO 650 STRADA Assembling instructions


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Centre stand APRILIA PEGASO 650 STRADA Item-No.: 505.791 2 quantitem no. description 1 712.1002centre stand 2 151.124 bolt 17,7 x ø40 2 150.994 washer ø19 x ø30 x 2,7 4 150.995 washer ø8,4 x 3 2 150.841 hexagon bolt screw M 8 x 30 2 150.978 retaining pin 3,2 x 40 1 150.979 spring set Typ 5 1 275.001 limitation rubber The kit includes the following parts: Please check now the function of your centre stand and control all screw connections after the assembly for tightness! General: Centrestand cornering clearance: HEPCO & BECKER centerstands are carefully designed and tested to eliminate reductions in cornering clearance and ground clearance under most driving conditions on an unmodified stock motorcycle, and are certified to be compliant with European ABE safety standards. Use of any centrestand may reduce corning clearance or ground clearance under extreme driving situations. HEPCO & BECKER products should be installed by a qualified, experienced motorcycle technican. If you are unsure of your ability to properly install a product, please have the product installed by your local motorcycle dealer. HEPCO & BECKER takes no resposibility for demages caused by improper installation. All screws, bolts, and nuts, including all replacement hard ware provided by HEPCO & BECKER, should be tightened to the torque specified in the OEM maintenance manual for your motorcycle. If no torque specifications are provided in the OEM maintenance manual, the following torques may be used: M 6 – 9,6 Nm M 8 – 23 Nm M 10 – 46 Nm All screws, bots und nuts should be checked after driving the first 50 km to ensure that all are tightened to the proper torque. Medium strength liquid thread-locker (i.e., „Locktite”

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