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FUEL AND OIL FUEL Proper fuel is very important for the engine. Ensure there is no dust, dirt, or water which has mixed in the fuel. Use regular unleaded gasoline with an octane number 90 or higher. ENGINE OIL Your 250cc ATV has a four-stroke engine. Please use oil as described in the chart below. By using prescribe oil, you will realize the best lubrication for engine. Use the chart to select a viscosity rating based on the temperature range in your area. NOTE: In very cold weather (below 5°F (-15°C), use SAE10W-30 for good starting and smooth operation. SAE 10W-30 SAE 20W-40 ENGINE TEMP. °C °F -30 -22 40 104 -10 14 0 32 10 50 20 68 30 86 -20 4 FUEL AND OIL 8 LOCATION OF LABELS Read and follow all of the warnings labels on your ATV. Make sure you understand all the labels. Keep the labels on the ATV. Do not remove them for any reason. If a label comes off or becomes difficult to read, you should get a replacement by contacting BAJA INC. 1 – Red Light – Reverse indicator Light illuminates when ATV is in Reverse. 2 – Green Light – Neutral indicator Light illuminates when ATV is in Neutral. 3 – Ignition key switch – Turn right (CW) “RUN”, Turn left (CCW) “OFF”. ATV will only start when ignition key is turned to the “RUN” position. Make sure ignition key switch is in the “OFF” position when not in use

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