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1. Remove the vacuum slide from the carbs. Remove the stock needles & spacers, noting the order of assembly (Fig.A). 2. Install the Dynojet needles on groove #3 , using all stock spacers (Fig. A). Install the Dynojet washer above the E-clip. 3. Replace the stock slide springs with Dynojet slide springs provided. 4. Remove the stock main jets and replace with the Dynojet main jets provided. Use the DJ116 main jets with stock exhaust pipe, or use the DJ120 main jets with aftermarket header or slip-on with high flowing baffles. Use the DJ112 main jets at high altitude. Be sure that the jets you are changing are the main jets. 5. Locate the fuel mixture plug (Fig. B), if you see a screw head, proceed to adjusting procedure. With the plug drill (DD #5/32) provided, carefully drill thru the plug(s). The mixture screw is directly underneath this plug, be ready to pull back on the drill the instant you break thru. Use the screw provided to secure and remove the plug. Carefully turn mixture screw clockwise until seated, then back out 3 turns. 6. Locate the main air correctors (Fig.C). Using the plugs provided (DCO400), plug the main air passage. Place the plug in the carb flat end first.Tap in lightly. Using DT002. STAGE ONE INSTRUCTIONS Fig. B Place E-clip in groove #3 from the top Fig. A Notes: 1. Proper EXUP value adjustment is very important for good midrange performance. 2. If experiencing fueling problems below 4,000 rpm, under full throttle, that the needle can’t fix, try changing fuel level. If you feel it is too rich, lower the fuel level. If you feel it is too lean, raise the fuel leve

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