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Oil Temperature and Gauge 2.1. Introduction My 1998 BMW R1100RT came with an LCD temperature gauge that shows horizontal black bars in a vertical motif, to indicate temperature. This is difficult to interpret at speed (how many bars are exposed?) and does not actually tell me what the oil temperature is. 2.2. Normal Operation The bike seems to run at 5 or six bars under normal conditions. It appears that the oil thermostat for the cooler is set to ’5 bars’. 2.3. Over Heating The LCD panel indicates that 8 bars is the maximum normal operating temperature. It would be useful to know what the actual temperature is. Modern oils have a normal operating temperature of approximately 110 degrees Celsius and will not show any serious degradationii at this temperature. The maximum sustained operating temperature (at the bearing surface) is approximately 130 degrees Celsius for any oil formulated in the past 5 years and some high performance synthetics will not appreciably degrade even at this temperature. However, the degradation curve is a polynomial and degradation will increase rapidly with increasing temperature. According to the oil’s formulation (pure synthetics will show the least increase with temperature), by approximately 160 degrees Celsius (or about 300 degrees Fahrenheit), oil degradation can be up to 10 times faster then at 110 Deg. C. 2.4. Scale To fix the ‘number of bars’ problem, I determined that an overlay with numbers would be the best idea. 2.4.1. Addendum The number scale became too much to maintain. Rather than this, I cut a mm or so wide stripe out of the self sticking stripping meant for the side of a car. Using a red material, I put it through the middle of the fifth bar of both the temperature and fuel display. The stripe is slightly smaller than the thickness of the bar. This allows me to tell when I am at normal operating temperature and when approximately half a tank is used

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