BMW F 650 CS Rear belt wheel cracks Removal And Installation Manual


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Relieve the tension of the toothed belt and lift the belt off the belt wheel (refer to F 650CS Repair Manual, 00.57). 2) Remove 6 screws (see arrow in photo at right). 3) Remove the rear belt wheel. 4) Clean and degrease the tapered bores and the threads of the mounting screws 5) Carefully place the new belt wheel in position on the damper, coat the screw threads with Loctite 243 and hand tighten the securing screws. 6) Tighten the securing screws to the specified torque maintaining a diagonally opposite tightening sequence throughout (Torque to 28 NM, curing time 12 hours). 7) Measure the vertical runout of the belt wheel (refer to F 650 CS Repair Manual, 33.15). 8) Install and adjust the rear drive belt (refer to F 650 CS Repair Manual 00.57 – 00.58) 2.1 Removal of the front belt wheel Remove the front belt wheel in accordance with the instructions detailed in the F 650 CS Repair Manual. Remove the securing screw of the activated charcoal filter and let the filter canister hang by one side by the hoses, or remove it and lay it aside. Clean the splines and threads of the main shaft in order to remove all traces of Loctite. If necessary, remove corrosion from the main shaft spline (use only a brass bristle brush). 2.2 Visual inspection Check the splines of the main shaft for damage. Replace the main shaft if the splines are damaged (broken, chipped, bent or damaged teeth). Refer to the F 650 CS Repair Manual for this procedure.

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