BMW F650GS Single Shock Supplement


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Mount the shock & adjuster as you would your stock shock & adjuster per your authorized shop manual (with the rebound adjustment at the bottom) noting the following: n As you mount the shock, feed the Remote Adjustable Pre-Load adjuster through the same path as the stock line was routed to the same location. n Do not loosen or attempt to rotate the line between the shock and the adjuster. n Make sure the shock rebound adjustment is facing the right side of the motorcycle and the pressure valve is facing forward. n Tighten shock bolts to the proper torque specifications (refer to your manual). n Mount the adjuster to the supplied mounting bracket using the supplied M6-1.0X8mm SHCS fasteners and torque them to 80-90 in/lbs (9-10 N-m) as in figure 3. Then mount the bracket and adjuster to the bike in the same location as the stock preload adjuster/bracket using the stock bolts as shown in figure 4. Check banjo-bolt to cylinder clearance and adjust if necessary via tolerances in mounting bracket holes. n Using the supplied zip-ties, secure the hydraulic line away from any moving parts or heat sources. To adjust the ride height, simply turn the adjuster knob clockwise to increase the height and counterclockwise to reduce it. See main instructions for procedure of achieving optimum ride height.

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