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1. The shock mounts with the hose towards the rear of the machine, with the shock body at the top and the shaft pointing downward. 2. Take the inside half of the bushing set on the shock eye (at the shaft end) and place it on the mounting post on the drive hub. 3. Insert the body eye into the mounting channel on the frame. In some cases the channel may have to be spread slightly to fit the bushing set. NOTE; Do not try to install the shock with only half of the bushings, as this will lead to poor performance and premature seal leakage. For the same reasons, do not grind or file the inner or outer edges of the bushings to make them narrower. The amount of “float” in the bushing set is necessary to ensure smooth operation of the damper assembly. 4. Slide the shaft end of the shock over the mounting post. If it does not easily align with the bushing in place, the eye (and shaft and spring, etc.) can be rotated to fit. 5. Install the outer shock eye bushing and follow with the washer and nut. Install the upper shock mounting bolt and nut finger tight. 6. Position the reservoir under the frame rail below the seat. It will fit neatly between– and inside– of the stock luggage rack mounts. Let the reservoir dangle and put the hose clamps loosely in position over the frame tube. NOTE: The reservoir should be mounted so that the hose has a slight curve in it. This will allow a certain amount of movement at the shock body without putting pressure on the hose fittings at the shock. 6. Position the reservoir inside the hose clamps with the rubber stand-off pads between the reservoir and the frame. The hose clamps should be fitted on either side of the Allen bolt that attaches the tail section to the frame. They can placed at any point along the O.D. of the reservoir, but about 1/2″ from each end is typical. The stand-off pads should be at the same location on the reservoir as the clamps. Tighten the clamps snugly. Do not over-tighten the clamps, as this can cause them to break during temperature extremes. 7. Sparingly apply a thread locking compound to the threads on the shock mounting fasteners and tighten them to 28 to 32 lbs/ft. Over-tightening the fasteners can damage the bushings and cause

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