BMW K1200GT Backrest Installation MANUAL


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Remove seat from motorcycle. Place support bracket into opening at the rear of the seat. Start bolts and lock washers thru support bracket into back of seat as shown. Repeat using bolts and washers on the bottom of the seat. Now tighten all 4 bolts. C D E F 2 A B C D E F Factory set screws, Backrest Support bracket 20MM long bolts, qty. 2 Flat washers, qty. 2 16MM long bolts, qty. 2 Lock washers, qty. 2 Check parts included: CYCLE PRODUCTS BMW K1200 GT Backrest Installation Instructions See important warnings and disclaimers on page one. Replace seat onto motorcycle. Lift World Sport logo slot cover and insert backrest A into slot until you hear a click. Now you are ready to go!

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