BMW Motorcycle R1100/ 850 Model Throttle Cables


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Problem: Engine surges at constant speed. Difficult to adjust and balance the left and right throttle bodies. Cause: Differences in opening and closing of the throttle butterflies caused by friction in the throttle cable. Remedy: 1. Fit a low friction throttle cable. 2. Check the following to ensure optimum results: Ignition timing Spark plugs (FR 6DDC) type / condition (reference SI 2739 in Main Group 12) Valve clearances Correct Cat. code plug Check throttle housing inlet manifold for air leaks 3. Synchronize the throttle butterflies as illustrated on the attached procedure. Note: Make sure there are no obstructions in the vacuum stub pipe prior to connecting the Synchro tool. Parts: 32 73 1 342 149 R 1100 RS 32 73 1 342 150 R 1100 RT, R, & GS Information: The Low friction throttle cable was introduced into series production as follows: R 1100 RS from 0312537 onwards (06/95 prod.) R 1100 GS from 0381479 onwards (06/95 prod.) R 1100 R from 6379238 onwards (06/95 prod.) R1100RT from 0440499 onwards (06/95 prod.) R 850 from the start of production Warranty: The BMW Motorcycle Limited Warranty will cover the replacement of the throttle cable for motorcycles in the affected VIN range. Authorization is not Required . File a warranty claim, using the following information:

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