BMW Motorcycles F 650 GS Dakar fuel tank replacement


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Your center has been requested in a recent e-mail, to forward VIN, color Information: and status information on all F 650 GS(A) and Dakar models remaining in your inventory. Fuel tanks, together with the appropriate colored trim pieces, will be forwarded to your center for each bike in your inventory as replacement parts arrive in BMW NA inventory. Warranty Please enter a warranty campaign claim , encompassing the following Reimbursement: Work Package information, when claiming reimbursement for the updates called for in this bulletin. Even though there is no charge for the parts, a sublet of $60.00 will be applied to each claim. This sublet amount is intended as a combination of both the handling and as reimbursement for incidental items that may be required in the replacement of the fuel tank. Work Package #1 is to be used in the replacement of all F 650 GS(A) and Dakar model fuel tanks. Defect Code: 00 00 16 1100 Description: Fuel Tank – Leaking Flat Rate Code: 00 60 059 Description: Remove and reinstall fuel tank (USA only) FRU: 12 FRU Sublet #4: $60.00 Pick up & In the recent Sales and Marketing Bulletin # B23/00 introducing the “Customer Delivery: Demonstration Program”, (e-mailed to your center on September 7, 2000), each BMW motorcycle retailer was asked to arrange to pick up, complete the updates and deliver the motorcycle back to the customer and to offer the use of a demonstrator where appropriate.

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