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Rear Radar Mount The stationary mount protects the antenna from exhaust and allows saddlebag removal without disturbing the mount. Mounting can be done with either a stationary or movable mount. R 1150 RT -P
Rear Visibility Optional rear duplex LED lights, combined with optional supplementary LED brake/taillight, provides the ideal combination of visibility while presenting a neat, clean appearance. Exceptional Visibility Side-mounted LED lights provide warning to motorists when an officer approaches. The LED units flood the front left and right quadrants with intense light that precedes the officer into an intersection or dangerous traffic situation. Front side-lights are mounted low to reduce glare to motoristswaiting at blocked intersections. R 1150 RT Front Radar Mount Officers can monitor traffic without neck strain. This mount rotates 90 degrees and allows officers to park perpendicular to the roadway. It also permits an easier roadway entrance angle. The unit features a guiding handle to reduce stress on the plug connection. Electronic Locking Shotgun Mount This powder-coated aluminum shotgun mount locks electronically via a hidden button and provides full weapon support with a padded yoke at the receiver. Designed for use with the Remington 870®shotgun that has been fitted with a pistol grip and a 14-, 16- or 18-inch barrel. The mount features adjustable strap for added safety and to secure folding stocks, and it attaches to the rear of the bike via a chrome-plated antenna bracket. Rear Radar Mount The stationary mount protects the

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