BMW R1100GS, R1150GS and R1150GS Adventure Side Cases Installation Instructions


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1. Mounting blocks Note: On the low mount (for rear cross bar), attach the mounting block vertically with the opening (slot) pointing up and slightly rearward. See photo below. On the two upper mounts, attach the mounting block horizontally with the opening (slot) pointing towards the front. See photo below. Using the M5 x 16 button head screws, with M-5 split washers, attach the backing plate to the mounting block. With the backing plate inside the case and the case mounting blocks outside the case, assemble loosely, using a 3 mm Allen key. These screws will all need to be tightened after final fit up. See photo below. After each block is mounted, insert the black securing knob through the locking tab and into the center hole of the case mounting blocks, from inside the case. Use anti seize on the thread of the thumbscrews to prevent corrosion. See photo below. During riding, these screws will secure the cases to your bike. The locking tabs must be backed off (counter-clockwise), allowing the screws to firmly engage the bullet notches on the bike; then the locking tabs will be rotated clockwise to lock the screws in place and prevent them from loosening. 2. Foot peg stainless Steel “U” Brackets Mount the foot peg bracket to the front of each case with the flat side up, angle side down, using the M-5 Nylock nuts and rubber backed washers, from the inside. Put the rubber side of the washer next to the case. See photo below and photo on page 2 for the correct orientation. These nuts will be tightened, using an 8 mm wrench, after final fit up.

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