BMW R1100RT, BMW R1150RT Signal Mirror Installation Instructions


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1. These instructions start with the right side mirror. Grab the mirror housing as shown and slowly push down to disengage housing from motorcycle. 2. Once you have the mirror housing removed partially, twist and remove the light bulb from mirror housing. Remove mirror housing and set it on a cloth covered surface. 3. Remove the factory mirror by inserting a slotted screwdriver against each mirror mount snaps. Slowly twist and pry each snap until it releases from motor actuator. Repeat process until factory mirror disengages. NOTE: Insert the slotted screwdriver as close to each of the snaps as possible before prying out the OE mirror. Not doing so may cause the crossbar on the motor actuator to break. Connect the two mating connectors from the adapter Signal® mirror wire harness and the new Signal® mirror wire harness. Cut a slot in the foam disc to accommodate the anti-vibration prongs on the motor adapter. Place the foam disc onto the center of the Signal® mirror motor interface. Connect the Signal® mirror mating connector to the Signal® mirror wire harness. 5. Remove Cap Sheet from two-sided adhesive disc on back of Signal ® mirror. Align the anti-rotation prongs found on the top and bottom or left and right with the corresponding slots on the motor mount. Use the palm of your hand, push down on the Signal® mirror and the mirror housing until the Signal® mirror motor mount is fully engaged. Note: Push firmly on all sides of the Signal® mirror to ensure proper engagement and travel. Not doing so could result in mirror falling off. 6. Locate the light bulb and carefully disconnect the original light blue with black stripe wire [hot wire]. Connect the red wire from the Signal® mirror wire harness to the spade terminal on the light bulb. Connect the original light blue with black stripe wire to the other spade terminal located on the red wire of the Signal® mirror wire harness. Repeat the process for the original brown wire and the black wire from the Signal® mirror wire harness [ground wires]. Insert the light bulb back into the mirror housing. 7. Align the 3-pins with their corresponding snap holes and snap the mirror housing into place. 8. Insert key into the ignition and turn to the “ON” position. Activate the right hand turn indicator to verify that the new Signal® mirror is working correctly. Replace any other accessories necess

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