BMW R1200GS Dual Function LED Running Lights and Flashing Brake Lights installation instructions


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The flasher is set to flash continuously as long as the brake is applied. To convert to a 5 second flash and then stay solid while the brake is applied, cut the green wire loop on the flasher. Use electrical tape to protect and secure the green wires to the other wires. 2. Remove the rider’s seat. Locate the wire bundle that starts at the rear of the motorcycle. At the most accessible spot carefully remove 3″ to 3½” of protective wire loom. I know, I know…it’s really beautifully done. Cowboy up! Take it off! 3. Mount the flasher in a location that will not crimp wires or interfere with the other bike assemblies. Locate the +12 volt wire ( GRAY wire with BLACK stripe and YELLOW banding) from the brake light Attach the kit RED wire to the brake light positive wire using one of the Posi-Tap connectors in the kit. 4. Locate the Ground wire ( BROWN wire) from the brake light. Attach the kit BLACK wire to the motorcycle ground wire using a Posi-Tap connector. 5. If you have a Fuse Block with ignition switched relay installed, route the Hyper-Lite GRAY wire to a fused circuit on the (relay activated) fuse block . 6. If you do not have a Fuse Block installed, find the alarm circuit connector under the seat . The alarm circuit has a rectangular connector and five wires, White with Black stripe; White with Brown stripe; Red with White; Brown with White; and Green with White stripe. Use a Posi-Tap to attach the Hyper-Lite GRAY wire to the green wire with white stripe. Pull the wire loom back from the wire. Tap into the wire with the Posi-Tap provided. . 7. If using the Hyper-Lite License Plate Mounting bracket, install it now. OR: Clean the side facing reflectors at the rear of the bike with alcohol. Mount the LED modules vertically on the reflectors so that the LEDs point straight back. Press in place for about 5 seconds. The tape can be used only once! If you goof, new tape is required. 8. Route the BLUE and BROWN wires from the flasher and the LED modules. Trim the Blue and Brown wires to remove any excess wire . Use a Posi-Twist to connect the 3 BLUE wires together. Use a Posi-Twist to connect the 3 BROWN wires together. (see Posi-Twist Connector instructions)

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