Introducing the New BMW R 1200 RT-P


Filed Under (BMW) by admin on 15-12-2010

The new R 1200 RT-P features a completely new LED emergency lighting concept developed by BMW and Code 3 PSE. The new system combines all currently desired emergency lighting into optimally focused compact LED light modules. These modules accommodate an additional 45 degree front LED module that blankets the front quadrants in emergency light. Together with an integrated wiring harness and programmable flash control module, the new system can provide any current flashing sequence / switching combination through settings on the programmable flasher. Example: If the motor will be used in California, program the flasher for steady-burn left front LED light, with no change in the LED light or the wiring. If the motor is sold or operated in a different venue later, change the program flasher for 49 state operation. The rear light module combines rear and side facing LED emergency lights, together with rear-facing brake/tail LED and side turn signal LED lights. Additional rear facing LED emergency lights can be installed and powered in conjunction with the rear facing lights, or controlled by photo- eye to disable the lights during the dark to reduce glare at night / low light situations. The programmable flasher can provide 12 flash patterns, with wiring splitting the motor between left and right side for alternating flash patterns. Light sequencing begins with rear, programmable rear and front side lights, as well as front and 45 degree front lights. A rear cancel switch allows riders to disable the rear lights while retaining the side and front lights – usually used for protective service details. The programmable flasher also provides for a primary and secondary flash pattern, so during code 3 operation, the emergency lights will display the primary pattern until the siren is activated, at which time the flasher changes to the alternative pattern for 7 seconds after each siren tone change. This feature known as InterClear provides a visual and audible alert to those nearby

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