ADLY Electric corrosion problem solved


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makes the most patient equipment manager’s jaw get tight. It’s a messy process that involves draining, disassembly, flushing, and days of downtime. Now, our dealership offers a new, more thorough, less invasive solution to hydraulic contamination that can be brought right to your jobsite. It’s called the Ultra Clean®System. The innovative Ultra Clean hose and tube cleaning system removes contamination by using a pneumatic launcher to shoot a projectile through hydraulic lines and hoses. A “shelled” pump can send a lot of metal debris downstream with the last few gallons of oil that flow through the system. Flushing hydraulic lines with solvent and air can be tedious, and sometimes ineffective, but the Ultra Clean system makes decontaminating hydraulic systems fast and easy. It also lets you skip the hassle of handling and disposing harsh chemicals. It is as simple as disconnecting both ends of a line or hose and launching the specially designed projectile through it. “The Ultra Clean system is more efficient than any other method we’ve tried,” says Scott Dickey, Service Manager, Murphy Tractor, the John Deere dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska. “We no longer worry about the time and expense of hose replacement and tube disassembly for repair service. Ultra Clean is clearly superior than flushing with solvents and air blow-down.” Dickey says the Ultra Clean system is also used to prepare fabricated hose assemblies for over-the-counter sales at his dealership. He points out it has increased the value of parts and service by assuring delivery of cleaned assemblies that are ready for service. Logo sealing tape covers the open assembly ends and assures the customer that the assembly has been cleaned. It also serves as a reminder to keep contamination out of the system when the new assembly is put into place. Cleaning fabricated hoses right after they are constructed is another way in which dealers are taking a proactive approach to reducing contamination in hydraulic systems and reducing the risk of contam- ination. DataTrending Is A Road Map to Less Downtime. It’s important to understand that a little dirt can cost a lot of money if you let it get into your hydraulic system. Dirt circulating in your hydraulic fluid grates like a belt sander on internal machine parts. Trending, along with a proactive approach to contamination control and elimination, can help you prevent this scary scenario. “A little bit of contamination can cause lots of wear and tear in just a short time,” explains Mike Daly, fluid analysis program marketing manager for John Deere Construction & S