2003 Cannondale E440, C440, X440, S440 Owner's Manual


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INSPECTION OF ALUMINUM CHASSIS COMPONENTS The aluminum chassis components of your vehicle have a finite, limited, useful life. The length of that life varies depending on the material used in their manufacture, the amount of use they are subjected to, and the care they receive while in service. Regular inspection by a Cannondale Motorsports Dealer is important. Frame – a main support structure for the engine, various components, and rider. Subframe – adds structural support. Swingarm – a suspension component Use in competitive events, hard and aggressive riding, riding on severe terrain, riding in severe climates, and riding fast can dramatically shorten the life of the aluminum (frame) components. Any one and/or a combination of these conditions may result in an unpredictable failure. We recommend that you carefully inspect your vehicle’s chassis components for cracking, bending, deep scratches and/or other damage before every ride. If you have crashed or rolled your vehicle, there could be damage hidden from your view. DO NOT ride a vehicle with any crack, even a small one. It must be carefully inspected by an authorized Can- nondale Motorsports Dealer before it is operated again. Riding a cracked frame could lead to complete frame failure. If you have any questions, contact your Can- nondale dealer or call 1-800-MOTO-USA. WARNING POTENTIAL HAZARD(S) (1) Riding on a cracked or damaged frame. (2) Attempting to fix a damaged frame. WHAT CAN HAPPEN (1) Riding on a cracked or damaged frame can lead to a complete frame failure. (2) Aluminum frame (and components) are heat treated. Welding, drilling, or modifying the frame, subframe, or swingarm may weaken the component and result in complete failure, leading to a serious accident with subsequent injury or death. HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD Inspect carefully before riding. Don’t ride on a cracked or damaged frame. Don’t try to repair the frame, subframe, swin- garm, or other components. Have your Cannondale dealer inspect the frame at every visit and at the 25 hour maintenance interval. Call 1-800-MOTO-USA with any questions