Hammerhead La Vita 150cc OWNERS MANUAL


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1. Left and Right rear Mirror 2. Left and Right Brake 3. Front storage compartment (option) 4. Speedometer/ Digital Gauge 5. Main Switch 6. Battery 7. Air Cleaner 8. Seat Lock 9. Rear Light Assembly 10. Left and Right Rear turn Lights 11. Fuel Tank 12. Center Stand 13. Kick Start 14. Side Stand 15. Muffler 16. Left and Right Turn Lights 17. Head Lights 18. Rear Reflector Instrument Panel Speedometer Riding speed is indicated by KM/H and MPH. Odometer The total riding distance is in KM and Miles. The black figures in black background indicate total miles traveled. Indicating lamp or turning light It flashes when turning light is in use. Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge indicates the remaining fuel in the fuel tank (the gauge does not work when main switch is in the “OFF” position). The gauge moves from “F”(full) to “E” (empty) as fuel decreases in the fuel tank. Fill the tank with 90 Octane or higher gasoline when the needle is approaching the “E” position. There is no reserve tank. Indicating Lamp of High beam It indicates high beam is in use. Note: apply low beam to avoid obstructing the view of oncoming drivers and drivers ahead. 1. Speedometer 2. Odometer 3. Left turn signal indicator 4. Right turn signal indicator 5. High beam indicator 6. Fault signal indicator 7. Battery Gauge 8. Fuel Gauge Instrument Control Main Switch NOTE: – Do not leave the main switch in “ON” position for an extended period of time when the engine is stopped. The battery may drain itself empty. – Lock the steering and remove the key after park to avoid theft. “ON” Position: Electric Circuits are switched on. The engine can now be started. The key can not be removed in this position. “OFF” Position: All electrical circuits are switched off. The engine stops. The key can be removed in this position. “LOCK” Position: The steering is locked when in this position. The key can be removed. Steering Lock Turn the handle bar fully to the left to lock the steering to prevent theft. Push the key in when it is in “OFF” position and while pushing the key in, turn the switch to “LOCK” position to lock the steering. Pull the key out once you are done