Lambretta UNO50 Owners Manual


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brakes: Inspect brake cables/hoses/linkage for correct mounting, chafing, leaks and damage. Check and adjust both front and rear brakes. If hydraulic, check fluid level and correct if necessary (DOT 4 fluid only). Engine: Check and correct the engine oil level. Fuel system: Check fuel tank, carburetor, fuel valve and all hoses for leaks. Throttle system: Check for correct throttle cable routing. Throttle operates smoothly and self-returns to idle from all handlebar positions. Wheels/tires: Check wheels, tires and valve stem for damage, etc. Check and adjust tire pressures. 11 Suspension: Check for smooth suspension operation. Lubricate all grease points using correct specification grease. Check for correct suspension adjustments. Inspect fork and shock seals for leaks. Steering: Check for smooth steering operation and handlebar bearings for proper adjustments. Electrical Systems: Check for correct function of all side, headlight (high/low beam) and taillights, turn indicators, brake lights, warning lights and instrument illumination. Check for correct horn operation. Check harnesses for correct routing. Check for correct function of starter lockout system. Check for correct engine stop switch operation. Check for correct function of the low oil warning light. (2 stroke only) Emission Systems: Check connections and hoses for routing and kinks.
12 Fastening hardware: Check front and rear axle nut and bolt torque. Check torque of drain plug and oil filter bolt. Check torque of all brake system nuts and bolts. Check torque of all steering system mounting hardware. Check torque of exhaust mounting hardware. Check torque of all remaining nuts, bolts & screws. Road test Front and rear brake operation. (approx. 10km): Check cold engine start performance. Evaluate performance, handling and braking. After road testing: Check hot engine starting. Check and adjust idle speed. Check for oil and fuel leaks. Make necessary adjustments and repair any defects seen or observed before, during and after test drive. Retest as necessary. Clean the vehicle prior to deliver