PEUGEOT HYbrid 3 compressor


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HYbrid3 compressor concept is a means of transport with no affi liation to a particular type of vehicle. With its three wheels and its streamlined body, it is something of a missing link between two worlds which to date are quite distinct: that of the scooter and that of the car. With an electric motor in each of its two front wheels, coupled at the rear with a petrol engine, it brings into play very innovative hybrid technologies allowing each of its wheels to provide motive power. In a world of intensifying urban traffi c where everyone is trying to save time, where oil prices are skyrocketing and the environment is more than ever a priority, design departments are vying in ingenuity to develop solutions for the future. Giving full rein to their creativity and expertise, two separate Peugeot teams converged on a similar idea and fi nally worked in tandem to develop a particularly original project: the HYbrid3 compressor . This ”concept car”, or rather ”concept scooter”, is based on the extensive experience of Peugeot Motorcycles, specialists in the scooter fi eld, as well as the creativity and innovative capabilities of stylists and engineers working for Automobiles Peugeot. To create this concept, Peugeot was able to draw on its extensive experience in the world of transportation enabling each individual, according to their age or their needs, to choose from among the Marque’s cycles, motorcycles and cars