Cobra 2008 CX50SR (King) Ignition System installation Manual


Filed Under (Cobra) by admin on 10-11-2010

Many 2008 Cobra CX50SR (King) customers are experiencing performance issues with their new motorcycles. These issues include cracking/popping noises, degrading performance, and excessively hot exhaust pipes. These issues have been traced back to manufacturing flaws with the new IDM brand ignition system. Because of the time associated with getting these issues sorted out, Cobra is switching production of the 2008 King over to the PVL brand ignition system (the same design used on 2007 model King motorcycles). Customers with 2008 Kings built prior to this date may exchange it for a PVL system at no cost for the hardware. For existing product in the field, Cobra will not support the IDM system until our supplier has their component functioning properly. To install the PVL system on the 2008 King simply remove the old hardware, and bolt on new (an updated Cobra universal puller will be required to remove the ignition rotor). The timing of the new PVL system will have to be set properly during installation

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