Cobra Motorcycle Z-Ball Clutch Installation Manual


Filed Under (Cobra) by admin on 10-11-2010

1. Vehicle preparation a. Shut off the fuel flow to the carburetor at the fuel petcock b. Tilt / rotate the quad over on it’s side so that the clutch cover is up for easy access. 2. Disassemble the old clutch a. Using a 10mm wrench remove the four bolts holding the clutch slave cylinder to the clutch cap. b. You can now remove the entire clutch lever / master cylinder, line and slave from the vehicle, although it would be easier to do at a later time when the vehicle is back resting with four wheels on the ground. c. Using a medium flat blade screwdriver, remove the clutch cap retaining ring and pull off the clutch cap. d. Place the throw out bearing and push rod aside as they will be needed later. e. Using a 4mm hex key, remove the six bolts holding the spring plate and springs. The spring plate will be required for auto clutch installation. f. With a 6mm hex key remove the clutch center bolt, and remove the entire clutch assembly and washers, leaving only the basket in place. The pressure plate (hub) will be required for auto clutch installation. 3. Clutch cover removal to replace thrust washer & eliminate oil shield a. Remove the water pump impeller cover (four socket head cap screws with 4mm hex key). b. Remove the water pump impeller (4mm hex key with piston stop or use an impact driver) c. Remove the kick lever (10mm wrench) d. Remove the clutch cover (5mm hex key)

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