CSS/ CSR Separator, Recovery Tank, Purge Valve, CYC Timer & Pump INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL


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1.*The*CSS/CSR*system*skid*should*be*bolted*to*a*flat*&*level*concrete*foundation*with*suitably*sized*and*quantity*of*anchor*bolts.* The entire system (1″-6″) is on a single skid. For systems 8″ and larger, the separator stands alone on its own 3 legs, while the pump/motor, recovery tank (CSR only), and control panel are on an individual skid. It is therefore incumbent upon the installer to insure*that*the*complete*package*is*bolted*to*a*flat*&*level*concrete*foundation,*to*insure*that*the*”piping*assembly”*is*installed* without any undue stress. 2. Inspect and hydrotest all pipe connections for leaks. *All*flanged*connections*must*have*gaskets,*and*all*threaded*connections*must*have*Teflon*tape*or*anti-seize*coating. 4. Flush all new pipe construction before system operation. In the absence of a pump strainer basket, use a y-strainer with 1/4″ perforated*screen.**The*perforated*screen*must*be*at*least*the*same*size*or*one*pipe*size*larger*than*the*pump*suction.**The* perforated screen will block out larger debris such as welding rods, tools, rugs, gloves, etc. ELECTRICAL 1. Voltage supply to the system must be the same as the voltage indicated on the control panel. 2. Follow the pump operating instructions prior to start-up. 3.*Turn*the*motor*”ON”*and*check*rotation.**Rotation*must*turn*in*the*same*direction*as*the*arrow*located*on*the*pump* casing. If pump is rotating in the opposite direction then reverse L1 and L2 on the incoming power to the panel. Recheck rotation. 4. Starting or in-rush current should not exceed 3 seconds, running current should be equal to or less than nameplate full load amps (FLA). 5. Thermal Overload Setting 5a. Select the Operating Voltage 5b. Multiply Motor Service Factor (SF) by the Full Load Amps (FLA) to get the Service Factor Amps (SFA). 5c. Adjust the Thermal Overload Dial to match SFA Note: Some motors come with SFA written on the nameplate. The majority of our motors come with a 1.15 service factor, but very few come with a 1.25 SF. STARTUP 1. Open system inlet valve 100% and outlet valve 50% (supplied by others). 2.*Suction*line*must*be*flooded. 3. Open separator air vent located near the outlet, (standard on 2″ and larger). 4.*Turn*the*system*”ON.” 5. Purge all the air. 6.*For*HH*&*SP*systems,*open*outlet*valve*until*the*gauge*reads*35psi.*For*LH*systems,*open*outlet*valve*until*a*100%* opening*is*achieved.**If*system*begins*to*vibrate,*then*slightly*close*separator*outlet*until*it*stabilizes

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