Dazon Raider Classic 150 (Oil-cooled & Internal Gearbox): Service Manual (single/ double-seat)


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1.2.1 Fuel Please use the gasoline of SAE 90# or above. Also we recommend you to use the unleaded gasoline. 1.2.2 Engine Oil Please use the high-quality engine oil of SAE 10w/30SF. 1.3 Break-in Procedure For your first 2 hours of riding, don’t exceed 2/3 throttles. Vary the engine speed for the first 5 hours. Never hold the engine at full throttle for long periods of time. Raider-Classic 150 (Oil-cooled&Internal Gearbox): Service Manual (single/ double-seat) EEC Version;3.0 Feb..2005 5 1.4 Specifications DIMENSIONS SINGLE-SEAT / DOUBLE-SEAT Overall Length 2330mm / 2300mm Overall Width 1310mm / 1460mm Overall Height 1425mm / 1425mm Wheelbase 1475mm / 1520mm Ground Clearance 200mm VIN Accord with GMVR A01-01 Statutory Plate& Safety Labels Accord with GB 7258-1997 ENGINE Model DZ1P57QMJ Type Oil-cooled, single cylinder, 4-Stroke Engine Capacity 150cc Displacement 149.6ml Bore X Stroke 57.4mm X 57.8mm Max Power 7.0kw or 7000r/m Max Torque 10.0N.m or 6500 r/m Idle Speed 1700 ± 100 r/m CO Emission 7.0g/km HC Emission 1.0g/km Fuel Type SAE 90# or above (unleaded) Lubricate Oil Type SAE 10W/30SF Lubrication Force & Splash Cooling Oil-cooled Ignition C. D. I. Starting Electric Spark Plug C7HSA (NGK) Spark Plug Gap 0.6~0.7mm Transmission Chain Transmission Gearbox Transmission Ratio F.:7.8:1 ; B.:11.297:1 Compression Ratio 9.5 ± 0.1 : 1 Carburetor MIKUNI BS 24-1005 Absorber Normal (in 10 5 times of experiments) CAPACITIES Front/ Rear Tire Load Coefficient 36 Front/ Rear Tire Speed Level L Fuel Tank 7.0L, 130kpa (no leakage in experiments) Engine Oil 1000ml Gear Oil 200ml Starting Time ≤15s Climbing ≥20%

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