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Tires: Use a gauge to check the air pressure. Adjust if needed. Also look for signs of damages or excessive wear. z Nuts & Bolts : Check the wheels to see that the axle nuts are tightened. Use a wrench to make sure all accessible nuts, bolts, and fasteners are tight. z Underbody & Exhaust System: Check for and remove any dirt, vegetation or other debris that could be fire hazard or interfere with the proper operation of the BUGGY. z Air Cleaner Housing Drain Tube: Check for carbon deposits in the drain tube. If necessary, clean the tube and check the air cleaner housing. z Leaks, Loose Parts : Walk around your BUGGY and look for anything that appears unusual, such as a leak or loose cable. z Lights : Make sure the headlight, brake light and taillight are working properly. z Throttle : Check the free play and adjust if needed. Press the throttle to make sure it moves smoothly without sticking, and snaps back automatically when it is released. z Brakes : Press the rear brake pedal several times, check for proper brake pedal free play. Make sure there is no brake fluid leakage. z Engine Stop Button : When engine is running, press and hold the Engine Stop Button for two seconds. Make

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