Ducati 916-998 / 748 Variable Pressure Fuel Regulator installation Manual


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1 RACING SERVICES 115 CARLINGFORD RD EPPING SYDNEY 2121 AUSTRALIA Part # EDU001 Type 3 Please note: These instructions refer to Type 3 Ducati VariRegs. Type 3 VariRegs may be distinguished by a hole & groove machined into the end face of the adjustment screw. VariReg -Variable Pressure Fuel Regulator Suitable for:- Ducati 916-998 / 748 all models. The Epicycle VariReg will allow a fuel pressure rate of 300 kPa (stock) to 540 kPa. By increasing the pressure available at the injectors, more fuel will flow thus richening mixtures. The available increase in fuel pressure is sufficient to allow the fitment of performance parts, without the high end lean condition normally experienced with the stock fuel pressure. This lean condition is the result of injectors that are too low in flow rate, and even when switched on continuously, are incapable of delivering the required quantity of fuel. Changes to the fuel mapping may be required when using this product. The increase in fuel pressure is variable by the owner and may be altered at any time as required. The unit comes pre-set at 450 kPa. It should be noted that the VariReg is designed for a maximum pressure of 540 kPa, but pressures in excess of 450 kPa require the fitment of the CORSA style high output fuel pump. ** Under no circumstances should the pressure exceed 450 kPa if using the standard road pump! ** Pressures may be set in the following manner. ** This method should be used as a guide only. Use of a suitable pressure gauge is recommended.** 1 . Rotate the adjustment screw “IN” (clockwise direction) using an 11mm or 7/16″ spanner until the head of the screw is seated against the body. Use a tommy bar in the 5mm hole in the side of the VariReg to prevent rotation of the body

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