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If installing with Ducati OEM basket you need the washer cod. 0D1SR140C220045 (3mm). – If installing with STM basket (Z12 o Z48) you need the washer cod. 001MG019 (1,5mm). – Insert the correct washer on the gear shaft. – Perform the initial hub group assembly: position the progressive engagement steel plate (003MG015) on the hub (0F3SR140J24001C) , with the step facing up. Be careful to position it correctly into the specific seats, then check that pushing one side, the opposite stand up simultaneously. – Now put the 6 steel balls (001MG025) at the bottom of the grooves using a little bit of grease. Then fix the clutch drum (0F3SR140J24002C) on the clutch hub (0F3SR140J24001C) at rest position, using an M6 screw to help locking the two parts, avoiding in this way any possibility for the steel balls (001MG025) to fall out while inserting the hub pack on the main shaft. – Insert the hub pack on the gear shaft – Insert the clutch discs starting with the sintered one and finishing with the steel guided one; total disc set thickness must be included between 36 and 36,5mm. – Remove the M6 screw from the hub (0F3SR140J24001C). – Put the drum stopper hub (003MG106) on the hub (0F3SR140J24001C). – Verify that the secondary spring support (0F3SR540B140016) is well inserted into its housing on the drum (0F3SR140J24002C). – Insert the secondary spring (0S2085) into its housing on the drum (0F3SR140J24002C). – Mount the pressure plate (003MGP10) on the drum (0F3SR140J24002C) . – Position the Evoluzione spring (0S1090) on the pressure plate (003MGP10), with the convex part facing up (STM logo facing up), making sure previously that the squared section ring (901SE003), which works as primary spring support, is well positioned into the pressure plate itself. – Assemble the complete spring stopper pack: starting from the spring stopper plate (003MG008), with the shaped side facing up as shown in the picture. Insert the ball bearing (003MG007) and finally the spring stopper hub (0F3SR140N220007). Once completed these operations, position the complete spring stopper pack inside the Evoluzione spring (0S1090). – Insert the toothed washer (901RD101) with the convex side facing up, then insert and tighten up the clutch nut (0F30S140C220013); use a dynamometric wrench setting the torque suggested by the bike manufacturer. We suggest to use the specific optional tool (UTL-0020) in order to lock the pressure plate (003MGP10) while performing this operation. – Assemble the complete bearing rest pack: insert the washer (001MG018) in its housing on the bearing rest (0F3SR140N220004). Then put in the same housing the ball bearing and the push rod pin of the original clutch. – Position the complete bearing rest pack in the pressure plate (003MGP10), making sure it fits correctly into the housing grooves. – Manually practise a little pressure on the bearing rest (0F3SR140N220004) in order to release the seat for the tightness circlip (003MG018). – Fit correctly the above mentioned tightness circlip (003MG018). MAKE SURE that it adheres to all the groove perimeter. NB: Once completed the installation, repeatedly operate the clutch lever, checking that the pressure plate performs correctly the opening and closing movements. For a road use of the clutch you have to check clutch plates set every 2000 km. Please verify that the clutch plates set thickness is between 36,5mm and 35,0mm. If it is inferior to 35,0mm please replace a 1,5 steel plate with a 2 mm steel plate. For a racing use of the clutch we suggest to check the clutch plates set thickness frequently. GENERAL SAFETY REGULATIONS – In this sheet are reported the directions to perform correctly the clutch assembly operations. – STM reserves the right – without notice – to introduce any technical change whenever deemed it to be necessary to improve functionality and quality of the products. – Assembly operations must be performed by a skilled technician and must be scrupulously observed. – Before mounting the clutch make a complete inspection of the various parts, in order to verify the possible presence of faults or anomalies on the motorbike. – Make sure that there are no missing/damaged parts in the package . – Some parts of the clutch and its components can have sharp surface: handle with care. – Some components of the clutch, because of their small dimensions can be swallowed: keep away from children. STRADA srl Via Campo Archero 20 10023 Chieri ( TO ) Tel +39 011 9422832 Fax +39 011 9471447 003 MG 018 Tightness circlip

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