DUCATI MONSTER 1100 / 1100S Owner's manual and maintenance manual


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1) Speedometer . Indicates road speed. 2) Odometer . Shows total distance travelled. 3) Trip meter . Indicates the distance travelled since last reset. 4) Fuel reserve trip counter . Shows distance travelled on reserve fuel. 5) Clock . ) Lap time . 7) Rev counter (RPM) . 8) Lap time . 7 10 12 11 13 9 4 5 8 2 3 1 6 fig. 6 14 E 9) Service indicator (fig. 6). The indicator illuminates to signal when a service is due. The service indicator will remain on the display until the system is reset by the Ducati Service Centre whocarry outthe service. 10) LAP function (fig. 6). Indicates that the LAP has been activated. 11) DDA function (fig. 6). Indicates that the Ducati Data Analyzer (DDA) has been activated. Important The instrument panel incorporates diagnostic functions for the electronic injection/ignition system. The related menus are for use by trained personnel only. If you accidentally access this function, turn the key to OFF and have the motorcycle checked at an authorized Ducati Service Centre. 12) Oil temperature indicator (fig. 6). Important Stop riding if the temperature reaches the maximum value, otherwise the engine might be damaged. 13) Ducati Traction Control (DTC) (fig. 6). Indicates activation of the DTC control unit (if present). 15 E LCD – How to set/display parameters At key-on (key turned from OFF to ON ) the instrument panelactivates all the digits of the LCD for 1second and switches on the indicator lights in sequence. OFF CHECK 1 fig. 7 16 E It then reverts to “normal” mode and, in place of the motorcycle speed, shows the model and, for 2 seconds, alsothe version (EU, UK, USA, CND, FRA, JAP). The model is scrolled on the display onceonly. CHECK 2 RUN fig. 8 17 E At Key-On, the instrument panel always shows the following information (de-activating any previously activated functions): Odometer Speed Engine rpm bargraph Engine oil temperature bargraph At this point, with button (1, fig. 9) in position B “▼” it is possible to switch from the odometer display function to thefollowing functions: TRIP TRIP FUEL (only if active) Clock before returning to TOT (odometer function). If, however, you press switch (1, fig. 9) in position A “▲”, thesystem enters MENU mode and displays the following functions in sequence: Error (only if active) BATT RPM LIGHT SET LAP (OFF or ON) LAP MEM DDA (OFF or ON) Erase DDA TIME Set CODE (only if active)

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