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1 To remove your stock lever, use a 19mm wrench or (adjustable wrench) to remove the large sheet metal nut attached to the main pivot bolt that holds the lever. (Photo 1a) Once the locknut is removed, push the main pivot bolt out with your finger or if necessary tap lightly with a rubber mallet or plastic handle end of a screwdriver (Photo 1b) After the pivot bolt is removed, the lever will detach from the master cylinder. (Photo 1c) 1a See other side for further instructions INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR PART # CRC552 ® C/5 Sport Clutch Lever Part # CRC552 1b 1c INSTRUCTIONS_CRC552 12/27/07 10:05 AM 23 4 2 Included with your ASV lever is a plastic bag that contains a custom pivot bolt, spacer & locknut. These parts will replace the OEM Brembo parts that were used with your stock lever. 3 Carefully place the lever into the master cylinder while aligning the plunger rod into the plunger cup on your ASV lever as shown in photo 3. 4 Align the lever and the master cylinder pivot bolt holes and Install the main pivot bolt, you will need to pre-load the lever into the master cylinder to get the bolt through the holes. The bolt head has two cut outs on the sides that need to be aligned with the matching area on the master cylinder. Be sure the head of the bolt seats down into the slotted area of the master cylinder. It may be necessary to use a rubber mallet or Plastic end of a screwdriver (Photo 4) to tap the head of the bolt down into its slot. 5 On the other side of the pivot bolt where the threads are, you will see that there is space around the pivot bolt. You will need to install the aluminum spacer that was supplied in the plastic bag with the pivot bolt and locknut. The spacer has a small flange on one side. The flange should be on the outer side when installing it into the hole surrounding the bolt. (Photo 5a) You may need to use pressure to seat the spacer fully into the hole surrounding the pivot bolt. You should be able to do this by using your fingers or thumbs as shown in photo 5b.

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