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1. Remove the following fairing components per the instructions in the Ducati owners manual: • Instrument surrounds • Headlight fairing • Chin fairing (under headlight/air intake) • Right-side middle fairing (covers battery) 2. Disconnect the speedometer cable from the speedometer. Unthread the ring nut at the top of the speedometer cable and retract the cable downward about 4-6 inches. 3. Disconnect the headlight wiring from the headlight bulbs. Retract the rubber boots at the rear of the headlight assembly to gain access to the wire terminals. Note that the two ¼ inch terminals at the high- beam bulb have locking clips that should be depressed before pulling the terminal away from the bulb. 4. Unplug the parking light from the headlight body by grasping the wires and carefully pulling it out. 5. Remove the two rubber plugs covering the lower headlight mounting screw access holes beneath the air intake horn. 6. Using an 8mm hex socket inserted through the lower access holes remove the two hex-head bolts securing the bottom of the headlight to the frame. 7. Using the same socket wrench, remove the two 8mm hex-head bolts securing the top of the headlight assembly to the frame. 8. Remove the headlight assembly from the frame. 9. Remove the two rubber grommets and steel reducing sleeves from the frame at the top mounting locations for the headlight. Leave the lower pair in place; these will be re-used, as shown in Figure 6

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