Ducati streetfighter HID headlight system installation Manual


Filed Under (Ducati) by admin on 26-10-2010

The installation of this kit requires the removal of the Helmholtz air box between the air intakes, located directly in front of the main air box. You will also need to run a wire from the front of the bike to the back of the bike where the battery is located. 1. Remove the seat, tail section, and fuel tank. 2. Remove the headlight assembly. 3. Replace the headlight bulb with the included HID bulb. You will need to modify the cap for the back of the headlight to allow the wires to pass through. 4. You will need to mount the Ballast, igniter, and the relay for the switch box in the area where the Helmholtz was. (see image) 5. Run the red power wire to the back of the bike and connect directly to the positive lead on the battery terminal. 6. Connect the ground wire the frame where the Helmholtz was previously bolted. 7. Plug the HID bulb into the ballast. There are 3 plugs. They can only be connected one way. 8. Connect the main wire harness to the ballast. 9. Turn the key on and turn the ignition on and check that the headlight comes on. 10. Switch on the brights to make sure this is working as well. 11. Once everything is confirmed to be working make sure the wirings are well attached won’t interfere with the fan or with any of the steering components. 12. Re-install the tank, tail section, and seat

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