DUCATI SUPERBIKE 848 Owner's manual and maintenance manual


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Position of the motorcycle controls (fig. 3) 1) Instrument panel. 2) Key-operated ignition switch and steering lock. 3) Left-hand handlebar switch. 4) Clutch lever. 5) Rear brake pedal. 6) Right-hand handlebar switch. 7) Throttle twistgrip. 8) Front brake lever. 9) Gearchange pedal. 1 4 3 2 9 8 5 7 6 fig. 3 11 E Instrument panel (fig. 4) 1) LCD (see page13). 2) Tachometer (rpm). Indicates engine revs per minute. 3) Neutral (N) indicator ( green ). Illuminates when the gearbox is in neutral. 4) Fuel warning light ( yellow ). Illuminates when there are about 3 litres of fuel left in the tank. 5) Turn signal indicator light ( green ). Illuminates and flashes when the turn signal is in operation. 6) Engine oil pressure warning light ( red ). Illuminates when engine oil pressure is too low. This light should illuminate when the ignition is switched to ON and should go out a few seconds after the engine starts. It may come on briefly if the engine is very hot, but should goout again as engine speed increases. Important If this light (6) stays on, stop the engine to avoid serious damage. 7) High beam warning light ( blue ). Illuminates when the high beam headlight is on. 8) “Engine diagnostics light” ( amber ). The engine ECU illuminates this light steadily to indicate the presence of errors leading to engine lock. 9) “Motorcycle diagnostics” light . Illuminates when the motorcycle diagnostics detects a problem. 10) Rev limiter indicator lights . Indicator light 10A: illuminates steadily at 800rpm before intervention of the rev limiter. Indicator lights 10A + 10B: illuminate steadily 400rpm before intervention of the rev limiter. Indicator lights 10A + 10B + 10C: start flashing when the rev limiter is reached. 2 1 5 9 8 6 3 4 5 7 10B 10C 10A fig. 4 12 E 11) 2-position switch A and B . Switch used for displaying and setting instrument panel parameters. It has two positions, A “▲” and B “▼”. 12) High beam headlight flasher switch (fig. 5). The high beam headlight flasher switch is also used for theLAP and USB data aquisition functions.

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