How to change a fuel filter on 1998 Ducati ST2


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1. On a cool bike, parked on center-stand, remove the two button-head bolts securing the key cover on the top of the fuel tank. Set cover aside, and save bolts, they will be used later. 2. Remove the seat 3. Un-hook front clip holding the tank down. 4. Lift tank upward, rotating on rear pin, and place prop-rod in place to secure tank in upright position. (If possible, you may want to find a longer prop to put the tank at a higher angle. This allows the fuel pump to be a bit more accessible. I used a long piece of rod iron, and propped the tank up by its rubber side bumpers.) 5. Pad the area directly under the fuel pump very well with paper shop towels or other very absorbent materials, as gas will likely drip. 6. Disconnect the electrical connector going to the fuel pump.
7. There are two fuel lines going to the fuel pump. One is marked with a white collar that has the letter R on it, the other has a M . Take note of which is which. The R line goes in the middle stem, and the M connects to the stem that is closest to the outside edge of the tank. It is a good idea to take a permanent marker, and write a ” R ” and ” M ” near these connections on the bottom of the fuel filter so as to not forget. 8. One at a time, loosen the hose clamps on the lines, and remove them from their stems. Some fuel will spill. It will stop however; have plenty of paper-towels close on hand. (The hose clamps should be 7mm) Also remove the small gas overflow tube that is attached to the fuel pump. 9. Remove the rear latch that the tank rotates on, and lift the tank off of the bike. 10. Lean the tank forward so as to move the gas forward, and remove the drain plug at the very rear of the tank with a 5mm Hex Key

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