Plug And play professional race electronics kit for the Ducati Desmosedici RR


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1. Remove the headlight assembly and replace with the carbon shelf which supports the new electronics 2. Remove the standard ECU and dashboard 3. Remove the left hand 4. Weld two lambda bosses into the exhaust pipes 5. Fit the new hardware using the brackets supplied in this kit 6. Install the software on your PC 7. Calibrate the throttle and start the engine Notes: 1. This system may only be fitted to track bikes that do not require the headlights or turn signal controls. These are removed during the installation of this equipment 2. Tyre / rim size calibration is fully adjustable by the user 3. Please let us know the type of exhaust system you are using at the time of ordering. 4. When using this equipment the immobiliser system is not needed and the ignition key switch can be replaced with a standard off/on type toggle switch if required. 5. No wiring is modified during the installation of this equipment. 6. All normal starting functions are retained as well as side stand warning. Marelli SRT / MDU Copyright – Competition Systems 2010 – Specification subject to change without prior notice 3 ** Installation & support Even though we supply very good base settings, which are race proven, each bike has fundamental differences. Changes in tyres, rims, shock & fork settings, engine characteristics, track surface and rider style are only a few of the variables which may demand adjustments to the traction maps to achieve perfection & fast lap times. Within the installation & support costs the user will receive training on all of the following: • System structure and overview of hardware • Mapping techniques – how to get the best from your engine • Traction control system – how it works & how to program it • Launch control – how it works & how to program it • System mapping & closed loop control • Calibration & control of system inputs & outputs • Use of all software applications and PC setup • Data analysis techniques This course is estimated at 3-4 days and will require the bike to be fully installed with the new hardware prior to the visit, and have a dyno available for part of the demonstrations if mapping training is required. A track day is also essential for developing a custom TC setup.

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