1997-1998 EFI Harley Davidson 1340 EVO Power Commander Installation Manual


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1 Remove the seat. 2 Remove saddlebags if installed. 3 Remove left and right side covers. 4 Remove the battery (negative terminal first). 5 Loosen the two 7/16 nuts that retain the ECU (Fig. A) 6 From the left side (underneath the left side cover area) feed the PC III connectors in front of battery tray, and out the right side (in front of the ECU bracket)(Fig. B). 7 Attach PC II module to battery box. First, clean the PCIII and battery box with the supplied alcohol wipe. Using the supplied velcro attach PCIII to the battery box. Also secure the unit with the included zip ties. If your bike has cruise control, attach the unit to the face of the cruise control module (Fig. C). 8 Disconnect the large connector from the ECU. Remove the rubber dust shield. 9 Install the dust shield onto the matching connector on the PCIII. Zip tie the rubber dust shield to the PCIII connector with zip tie provided. 10 Plug the PCIII connector into the stock ECU. 11 Plug stock connector into the remaining connector from the PCIII (Fig. D). 12 Tighten the two 7/16 nuts that retain the ECU. 13 Route the connectors alongside the ECU and install the right side cover. 14 Replace the battery, the left side cover and the seat. 8 5 Power Commander Connnector Stock Connnector Fig.D Fig.E Adjust Idle Speed here Fig.F Adjusting Your Power Commander Your Power Commander has been programmed with a base map for your application. You can adjust the base map or install an alternate map using your Computer. Please refer to the supplied CD-Rom for more information. You can also adjust your Power Commander using the face plate buttons as described below. 1. With the ignition off, hold down all three buttons on the Power Commander unit. 2. While still holding down the buttons, turn the ignition on. 3. Release buttons

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