2000 & later Harley Davidson Softails Drag Specialties Shocks Installation Manual


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1. Place motorcycle securely on stand or blocks so the rear wheel is slightly off the ground. 2. Per instructions in a authorized shop manual, remove your old shocks. Note location of the mounting hard- ware. 3. Before reinstalling a Drag Specialties adjustable ride height shock, spin the non-flanged nut all the way onto the stud mount, followed by a bushing-cup, bushing, and sleeve. Then install shocks as you would a stock unit, following an authorized shop manual. With the non-flanged nut spun all the way onto the stud, the stock ride height is achieved. Once you have installed the other bushing, bushing-cup, and flanged nut you can now install the safety E-clip. This E-clip is snapped into the groove near the end of the stud mount where the threads stop. This is to serve as a reference point ONLY – when the flanged-nut reaches it you have lowered your ride height the maximum 2 inches. DO NOT torque the flange-nut against the E- clip (see figure 1). 4. Tighten all shock mounting bolts to the proper torque specifications (see shop manual for specs). 5. Drag Specialties shocks have adjustable pre-load to compensate for varying weights. A Harley Davidson pre-load adjustment wrench is necessary to adjust the pre-load setting. Progressive Suspension, Inc. wrenches are available as Part # SW-784 from most Dealers and Accessory Stores and the Harley Davidson wrench is available as part #94455-89 from any Harley Davidson Dealer. Spring preload is set by us to the lightest setting. To increase preload for heavier riders/loads/passengers, loosen locknut with the inside portion of the supplied wrench or a 1 1/ 16 ” wrench and back it off several turns. Use the supplied wrench or a Harley

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