2001-2010 Harley-Davidson TCFI III Fuel Injection System Installation And Tuning Manual


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1. Check the exhaust system. If you can insert a broomstick through the mufflers, you have the equivalent of open drag pipes and auto-tuning will fail. If applicable, read the section about exhaust considerations starting on page 11. 2. Check for updates. This tuning manual is for TCFI III units with revision 3.3 or higher firmware. Before proceeding, check our website at www.daytona- twintec.com for available updates for the TCFI firmware, accompanying PC based software, and documentation. 3. Tech support. If you have questions or encounter problems at any point during the installation process, please contact our tech support at 386- 304-0700. 4. USB interface. Read the USB interface instructions starting on page 17, install the USB drivers and configure the COM port. 5. PC Link software used for setup and engine tuning. Read the PC Link TCFI III instructions starting on page 19 and install the software. 6. Data logging software. Read the TCFI III Log instructions starting on page 34 and install the software. 7. TCFI Controller. Read the TCFI installation instructions starting on page 41 and install the TCFI unit. Make sure you install the green PC link jumper wire. 8. WEGO wide-band exhaust gas oxygen sensor interface. Read the WEGO installation instructions starting on page 42, install the WEGO unit and perform the free air calibration described on page 43. 9. Connect the USB interface cable between the TCFI unit and your PC. 10. Start the PC Link TCFI III software, use the Open File command, and open the appropriate setup file. Setup data files are provided in the program folder for typical engine applications. Refer to Table 3 on page 16 for details. Additional setup guidelines for aftermarket throttle bodies and larger displacement engines are given on page 9. 11. Use the Edit Basic Parameters command. Make any required changes such as estimated rear wheel horsepower, injector flow rating (refer to Table 1 on page 9), and RPM limit. You must set the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) frequency for your model. This affects speedometer/odometer scaling, idle RPM control, and turn signal

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