2004 or later Harley Davidson Speedometer Installation MANUAL


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Speed Sensor Installation: The microSpeed™ speedometer can be used with either +12V or +5V hall effect electronic sensors located in transmission. Sensor is not include. If your sensor operates on +5V DC wire speedometer to sensor and power as shown in Figure 2 below. Please note that color of wires from the sensor may vary, check sensor documentation for proper signal connections. For +12V sensor you will not need the Blue wire of the microSpeed™ speedometer. It may be cut short, but make sure that the end is properly protected so that it will not accidentally short to metal on the motorcycle. Use Figure 3 below for wiring a +12V sensor. H-D motorcycles 1999 and earlier used +12V sensors. H-D motorcycles 2000 and later use +5V sensors. Note: H-D OEM sensors require 20Kohm resistor(provided) between Sensor power and Sensor signal as shown. Procedure: 1. Locate wires and determine connection points. Cut wires and techflex to proper lengths. 2. Connect speedometer wires to proper signal wires as shown in diagrams, including 20K ohm resistor if using stock H-D sensor. Use either butt connectors provided or customer supplied connectors. 3. Use electrical tape or Heat Shrink tubing around sensor signal wire, sensor power, and resistor to protect resistor. 4. Proceed to Setup Section below. Setup microSpeed™ Speedometer: 1. Before proceeding review User Guide document for detailed instructions on following procedure. 2. Turn on power to speedometer, display should read “odo” 3. Set initial odometer value 4. Turn off power for 2 seconds; then turn power on again 5. Display should read “F 0″ 6. Enter Configuration and Calibration and set speedometer to proper operating mode. a. Harley English b. Harley Metric c. Standard speed sensor English d. Standard speed sensor Metric 7. Set Fuel miles per tank 8. Set Oil change interval 9. Set Speed adjustment 10. Confirm. 11. Test speed is reporting properly and adjust is necessary

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