2006 – 2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Ultimate seats Installation Manual


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1. Remove original seats from your bike. #2. Your new Ultimate seats install using the front seat side mount bolts and the passenger seat is bolted to the front seat and rear fender. Side mount hex nuts = 2. If your stock rider seat is a rear fender mount, install one of the hex nut inserts on each side of the frame if they are not in your bike frame already. #3. All the mounting brackets are already installed on your new seats. #4. Connect our passenger seat to the rider seat with the 2 new round head allen bolts ( 1/4″ x ¾”) #5. Use the 2 new supplied bolts to attach the rider seat to the bike frame, one on each side into the threaded inserts ( 1/4″ x ½”) pan Phillips head) #6. Use the other new bolt for the passenger seat rear bracket in the fender (1/4″ x ½”) pan head. Enjoy the ride again

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