2007-2010 Harley Davidson Dyna EFI Tuner INSTALLATION MANUAL


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Remove the seat 2 Remove the left hand side cover (Fig. A). 3 Unplug the stock wiring harness connector from the ECM (Fig. B). 4 Move the data plug (Fig. B) out of the way to access bolt. 5 Remove the 3 bolts that hold the electrical box in place (Fig. B). 6 Slide the plastic box out from the frame. 7 Route the stock connector through to the back side of the electrical box (Fig. C). Fig. A Fig. B Fig. C Remove side cover Stock connector Stock connector Dat a plug Remove bolt Remove bolt s FM814 www .fuelmotousa .com 2007-20 1 0 Harley Davidson Dyna – FM EFI Tuner – 2 8 Lay the PCIII behind the electrical box temporarily. 9 Route the GREYconnector from the PCIII through the back of the electrical box and plug it into the ECM (Fig. D). 10 Connect the stock wiring harness to the BLACK connector of the PCIII. 11 Zip tie these connectors to the front side of the electrical box (Fig E). Make sure they are situated away from the rear exhaust pipe. Fig. D Fig. E PCIII connector Stock connector PCIII connector 12 Mount the PCIII to the underside of the stock ECM (Fig. F) using the supplied velcro. Make sure to clean both surfaces with the alcohol swab before attaching. Situate the PCIII so the USB and expansion ports point to the rear of the bike. This will allow you easier access to adjust the maps if necessary

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