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1 Remove the seat 2 Uplug the stock wiring harness from the ECM (Fig. A) 3 Remove the 4 nuts that hold the ECM to the bracket and remove the ECM. 4 Remove the bolt that holds the seat strap to the rear fender. 5 Remove the ECM bracket from the fender. Remove one nut at a time or the bracket will fall into the tire. Reinstall the nuts to support the inner fender bracket. Due to the limited amount of room on this bike the seat strap and ECM bracket can NOTbe re-used. 6 Connect the PCVharness in-line of the stock wiring harness and ECM (Fig. B). 7 Place the BLACK PCVto GREYstock connector as close to the fuse box as possible. This connection will NOT lay flat against the frame. 8 Using the supplied velcro secure the ECM to the rear fender. Place the ECM as far down as possible. The upper part of the ECM will just overlap the bolt hole for the seat strap. Make sure to clean both surfaces with the alcohol swab before attaching. If using the Autotune kit offset the ECM about 1″ from center to the right side of the bike. 9 Remove the security module from the top of the battery (Fig. C). This unit slides to the right of the bike.

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