Harley-Davidson Evolution Engines S&S Billet Rocker Cover Assemblies Installation Instructions


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1. Wash motorcycle, taking care to remove sand and other abrasive debris from engine and area of frame around engine. Remove battery, gas tanks, and all parts required to access original rocker covers. Remove top and center sections of rocker housings. Refer to authorized Harley-Davidson®Service Manual as necessary. Sparks from motorcycle electrical system can ignite gasoline fumes. To prevent sparks as well as prevent electric starter from becoming engaged inadvertently and causing personal injury, disconnect battery and remove from motorcycle before proceeding. Gasoline is toxic if fumes are inhaled, extremely flammable, and explosive under certain conditions. Do not smoke around gasoline, and perform installation in a well ventilated area away from sparks and open flame. 2. Remove pushrod cover retainer clips for front cylinder and collapse covers. Remove sparkplugs and rotate engine to place pushrods at lowest point on cam with front piston at TDC on compression stroke. Referring to Harley-Davidson®Service Manual as necessary, remove rocker assemblies, pushrods and lower rocker cover from front cylinder head. NOTE: Observe correct location of pushrods. S&S pushrod kits have longest pushrod for front exhaust, next longest for rear exhaust, shortest for rear intake, and remaining one for front intake. Remove all traces of old rocker housing gaskets from cylinder head, taking care to contain debris. Debris such as gasket material can interfere with oil circulation resulting in engine damage not covered under warranty. 3. Inspect S&S rocker cover assemblies. Remove rough or sharp edges from plain (unchromed) assemblies. Clean all metal parts with solvent. Dry with compressed air and remove any solvent residue with clean, lint free cloth. 3 CAUTION WARNING WARNING CAUTION 4. Install umbrella valves in rocker cover bases. See Picture 1. Valves go in vent ports nearest intake manifold on both front and rear rocker cover bases.

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