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and later FLTR Black wind deflector 57957-98 Fits 1998-2003 FLTR (Domestic) Standard height clear 57958-98A Fits 1998-2003 FLTR Plus 3″ taller, clear 58009-98A Fits 1998-2003 FLTR (International) Standard height, clear 58246-99A Fits 1998-2003 FLTR Low profile smoked 58453-98A Fits 1998 and later FLTR Smoked and contoured low profile 58753-01A Kit Contents Table 2. Kit Contents Part Number Description Quantity Not Sold Separately Windshield 1 There are no Service Parts available with this kit. REMOVAL 1. Remove all hardware securing windshield. 2. Remove windshield. INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 1. Remove rubber trim strip from the original windshield and install on the replacement windshield. 2. Put the windshield into position. At each wellnut location use a scribe, or similar pointed tool, to make a pilot hole through the windshield tape where the mounting screw (4) goes into the wellnut (3). Install the mounting screws (4), with the nylon washers (5) and on 2004 models, the rubber washers (6) positioned as shown into the wellnuts (3). 3. Tighten mounting screws from the center to the outside edge on both sides. Tighten screws to 6-13 in-lbs (0.7- 1.5 Nm) . Well-nuts will expand to grip fairing.

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