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CARE AND MAINTENANCE Voltmeter Test See Table 2. The voltmeter test provides a general indicator of battery condition. Check the voltage of the battery to verify that it is in a 100% fully-charged condition. If the open circuit (disconnected) voltage reading is below 12.7 V, charge the battery and then check the voltage again after the battery has set for one to two hours. If the voltage reading is 12.7 V or above, perform a load test. Table 2. Voltmeter Test For Battery Charge Conditions STATE OF CHARGE VOLTAGE (OCV) 100% 12.7 V 75% 12.6 V 50% 12.3 V 25% 12.0 V 0% 11.8 V Disconnection and Removal Refer to a service manual for specific disconnection and removal steps. Pay attention to all warnings and cautions within the manual and remove battery from battery box/tray. Battery Charging Batteries contain sulfuric acid, which could cause severe burns to eyes and skin. Wear a protective face shield, rubberized gloves and protective clothing when working with batteries. KEEP BATTERIES AWAY FROM CHILDREN. (00063a) 1. Never charge a battery without first reviewing the instructions for the charger being used. 2. Perform a voltmeter test to determine the state of charge. See BATTERY TESTING, VOLTMETER TEST. If battery needs to be charged, proceed to Step 3. Remove battery from motorcycle before charging. Electrolyte leakage will damage motorcycle parts. (00213a) Explosive hydrogen gas, which escapes during charging, could cause death or serious injury. Charge battery in a well-ventilated area. Keep open flames, electrical sparks and smoking materials away from battery at all times. KEEP BATTERIES AWAY FROM CHILDREN. (00065a) 3. See applicable service manual and remove the battery from the motorcycle. Place the battery on a level surface. 4. Inspect battery for damage. Replace battery if visibly damaged or frozen. 5. Inspect battery charger, verify that the charger leads are not damaged, frayed or loose

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