Harley Davidson 2004-Up Sportster EZ-Steer Installation Manual


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Installation Notes • Remove front fender, wheel, brake caliper, and fork tubes. • Remove all components attached to stock triple clamps, then the triple clamps themselves. • Remove upper and lower bearings including race. • Install new steering stem bearing races into neck. • Install new upper steering stem bearing with seal into neck. • Install Top and Bottom triple clamps into neck and snug steering stem bolt with washer. • Remove fork tube cap from both forks. • Install fork extensions with o-ring into fork tubes and tighten until fully seated. • Install fork tube caps with o-rings and tighten (see torque table). • Slide fork tubes into triple clamps until the top of each tube cap extends 0.42-0.50 in. above top surface of upper triple clamp. • Tighten 3/8-16 x 1.5″ bolts on upper triple clamp (see torque table). • Tighten steering stem bolt (see torque table). • Tighten pinch bolts on lower triple clamp (see torque table). • Install front wheel assembly and front brake caliper. • Install front fender. Item # Part Description Torque Spec (Lb. Ft.) – Fork Tube Cap 22-58 8 Bolt, Steering Stem, SP 30-35 11 3/8 – 16 X 1.5″ Socket Head Cap Screw 30-35 EZ-Steer Maintenance The bearings in your EZ-Steer rake kit are normal wear items, not subject to replacement under Champion’s one year Limited Warranty for the product. Failure to follow your motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations for periodic OEM triple-tree maintenance will accelerate the wear on these bearings. Checking/adjustment of the steering stem nut torque with the front end lifted, in accordance with your motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations, is important to reliable bearing service. Windshield Notes Please note that this EZ-Steer kit accommodates all known windshield types with the exception of a minor modification to Quick Release Compact Windshield, example part no. 58063-04. You will need to oblong the lower bolt holes as shown in figure

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