Harley Davidson 39 mm Front Spring Lowering Kit INSTALLATION PROCEDURE


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1. Support the motorcycle so the front wheel is off the ground. Next remove the front wheel and fender. Remove the fork cap nuts and loosen the lower triple clamp pinch bolts. Remove the front brake caliper. Some models have a tapered end to the fork tube. Extra effort will be required to remove the tube from the crown. Loosen the top fork cap 1 to 2 revolutions. Use a soft wood block or similar tool (that will not mark fork cap finish) and tap down with mallet to loosen fork tube from its tapered fit in top steering crown. Make sure fork pinch bolts are loose. To completely remove fork of this style, unscrew the fork cap entirely. 2. Slide both fork assemblies out of the triple clamps. Unscrew the top fork tube plugs. Remove the plugs and fork springs. CAUTION: Fork caps are under spring pressure and could cause serious injury. Drain the fork oil by turning the fork assemblys upside-down. 3. Next, bottom the fork tube into the fork leg. DO NOT extend the tube while you remove the allen bolt on the bottom of the fork leg. Turn the assembly upside-down and shake the damper rod and rebound spring out of the fork assembly. Again, DO NOT extend the tube during this. Extending the tube could dislodge the internal bottoming cone, which fits on the end of the damping rod, making it very difficult to reinstall the damper rod without complete fork disassembly. 4. FOR 1″ REDUCTION IN FORK LENGTH: You must first measure the length of the O.E.M. rebound spring. Depending on the model of the motorcycle, the length will either be 1″ or 2″ long. A. If you currently have a 1″ rebound spring, you need to replace it with the 2″ long LA Choppers rebound spring (included in the kit), then reinstall the damper rod in the fork tube. B. If you currently have a 2″ rebound spring, you will need to add the 1″ long spacer, then reinstall the damper rod in the fork tube.

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